Deborah’s Story

My name is Deborah and I donated a kidney to my brother Mark in September 2014. I contacted Belfast City hospital about becoming a living donor and spoke to Elaine (living donor co-ordinator) who was great and very helpful, she sent me out some literature along with a dvd, which was insightful and very beneficial. A date was then arranged for me to come in and have a one day assessment, to see if I would be a suitable and compatible donor for Mark, the tests were completed quite quickly and efficiently with a lovely nurse called Pauline (living donor co-ordinator) who met us at the hospital and explained the whole process which again was great and extremely helpful.

I was so pleased to find out that I was a match, it was such a wonderful thing to know that I would be able to help my brother Mark. Before long we had our date to go ahead with our operation.

We both went into Belfast City Hospital on the Sunday, the operation was scheduled for the following Monday morning. I had a few routine tests done, bloods etc on arrival and ready for my operation the next day. On Monday morning Elaine (living donor co-ordinator) came and accompanied me to the theatre. Before long I was back on the ward recovering. That evening I felt very little pain. I had a drip initially with pain medication, and soon after I was taken off the drip, I was sore but any pain was manageable with pain tablets.

Mark’s operation went very well and I was just so happy and pleased for him. Praise God !! I was able to leave hospital on the Thursday and start on my road to recovery.

The staff at Belfast City Hospital were just amazing, I cannot thank them enough for everything they did, from the nursing staff also Pauline and Elaine (living donor co-ordinators), the people who brought our meals, the anesthetist, the surgeons, the consultants and of course Dr Courtney, all of which were just amazing, very friendly yet extremely approachable, professional and very thorough at everything they do.

Donating a kidney was the best thing I ever did, it’s such a great thing to be able to help a family member who you love dearly.